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You have infiltrated the inner mazes of the enemy ghost vessel. Now you must use all your skill and intelligence to collect the Munch-Pills and progress through each maze. Enemies will try to thwart your every move, each with their own attack plan to ensure your failure.

Be swift and courageous, your fellow spherical beings are relying on you!

● Retro Gaming
● 200 Mazes to Play
● Keys to unlock Mazes
● Secret Areas
● Shields to stop you losing a Life
● Icy Floors, Conveyor Belts and Sandy Floors
● Various Enemies to Avoid and Defeat
● Family Friendly
● Addictive Gameplay
● Arcade SoundFX
● Dubstep Styled Music
● Themes (ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad etc...)


pacmanik_15555_release.apk 4 MB

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